Check out the results from our first Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge! Wow!

We just wrapped up our first Data-Driven Fasting 30-day Challenge.  We were blown away by the results as people used their blood sugar levels before meals to guide their eating.

To celebrate the success of the challengers, we wanted to share the top 10 leaderboards for changes in:

  • weight loss,
  • fat loss,
  • pre-meal glucose trigger, 
  • waist, and  
  • fasting blood sugar. 

Weight Loss 

Mark took out the #1place on the weight loss leaderboard, with a massive 19 lbs or 8.5% weight loss in 30 days at a super impressive rate of 2.1% per week with his wife Louise coming in third place. 

Mark has been thrilled with his results and is now a DDF superfan! 

As you can see, we had plenty of amazing results in terms of weight loss in just four weeks.  

nameinitial weight end weightweight loss change
Mark 224203219.4%
Tammy  74.468.26.28.3%
Louise 169156137.7%
Vicki 136125.810.27.5%
Gareth 8377.45.66.7%
Isabelle 166.9155.9116.6%
Paula 197184.812.26.2%
Cindy 23622214.46.1%
Dhurga 173.2162.810.46.0%

Fat loss 

But more important than weight loss, we also saw some massive changes in body fat in just four weeks.  The leaderboard below shows the changes in body fat.  

name% change
Jacqueline 24.0%
Paula 21.8%
Kathleen 21.7%
Tammy 19.7%
Gareth 19.5%
Vicki 18.6%
Jennifer 16.5%
Mark 16.2%
Chrestina 16.0%
Katie 13.1%

This is Kathleen, who lost 9 lbs of fat over the four weeks.  Her smile says it all!

Change in pre-meal trigger 

While most people focus on managing their blood sugar rise AFTER meals, we found that most people who are interested in fasting already had very stable blood sugars.  The average rise AFTER meals was only  0.6 mmol/L or 10 mg/dL (i.e. not much at all)!  

Our analysis of the data from the people who have used the baselining spreadsheet shows that your rise in blood glucose has very little correlation with BMI, waking glucose or waist:height ratio.  

Data-Driven Fasting empowers you to fine-tune your eating pattern by managing your blood sugar level before meals.  It’s your blood sugars BEFORE you eat that have a MUCH stronger correlation with your waking glucose, BMI, waist:height ratio and your overall metabolic health.  

As people chased a lower pre-meal trigger value their weight, body fat and waist measurement followed.  The people with the greatest change in pre-meal trigger tended to have the largest weight loss.  The table below shows the change between starting and end trigger values during the challenge.  As you can see, it doesn’t take long to see some significant changes!  

nameinitial triggerfinal trigger% trigger
Mark 5.03.530%
Paula 1107730%
Cindy 5.43.928%
Gareth 1027427%
Katie 18513726%
Louise 4.93.724%
Patricia 1118524%
Linda 1017922%
Sharon 17313920%
Kathleen 1028219%

If you want to find your personal trigger point, make sure you grab your free baselining spreadsheet here.  

Or download our free 130-page Data-Driven Fasting Manual here to learn all about how you can use Data-Driven Fasting to fine-tune your intermittent fasting routine to optimise your pre-meal blood sugars.  

Change in waist 

Waist to height ratio is a key marker of metabolic health.  

With such great progress in the other biometrics, it’s no surprise that we also saw some awesome changes in waist measurements.  

namewaist startwaist end% change waist
Jacqueline 5144.512.7%
Paula 363211.1%
Mark 4338.510.5%
Rebecca 33.530.59.0%
Sherry 4238.58.3%
Jennifer 3532.37.7%
Louise 3431.57.4%
Cheryl 29276.9%
Katie 44416.8%

Fasting blood sugar 

Your fasting blood sugar is possibly the strongest indicator of your metabolic health and your risk of dying from any cause.  

Our analysis of people using the Data-Driven Fasting System shows that there is a strong correlation between pre-meal blood glucose and your waking glucose.  Of the many things you can manage, it makes sense that your pre-meal blood glucose is the most powerful thing to track if you want to optimise your weight, body fat and overall metabolic health.  As you can see from the chart below, your pre-meal blood glucose trigger is strongly correlated with your waking glucose.  

We saw some amazing changes in waking glucose values in just four weeks.  

namewaking startwaking end% waking
Katie 20112836%
Paula 1107730%
Patricia 1258830%
Marion 5.54.125%
Leslie 1007525%
Kathleen 896922%
Cindy 64.722%
Ellen 1189321%
Janine 4.93.920%

In their words…

But more important than the numbers is how people feel after their experience at the end of the challenge.  

We were thrilled with the feedback on our first round of the Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge.  We had to share some.