steak, broccoli, spinach & halloumi

One of our go to meals is steak on the BBQ with halloumi cheese with veggies.

We have a solid serving of steamed broccoli and beans with some butter on top to make sure all those good fat soluble vitamins get digested – and the butter tastes amazing.

Being the inquisitive type I wondered whether it would be better to have more steak or more veggies in this meal.

After running a few scenarios what I found was that, while it’s hard to get B vitamins and an excellent protein score without eating some meat, the best score actually came when you max out the veggies and keep the meat reasonably low.

Piling on the veggies and decreasing the meat can increase the total carbs but at the same time you’ve got heaps of fibre which mutes the insulinogenic effect of the carbs in the veggies. By maxing out the veggies you’re also reducing the protein which requires insulin.

The best balanced nutritional profile between the meat, cheese and vegetables is achieved with 150g steak, three cups of beans, a full head of broccoli, and 200g of broccoli.

You’ll notice in the NutritionSELF plot below that I’ve used liberal amounts of butter to make the veggies go down and increase the fat content and taste sensation of the meal.

So the learning is, if you’re looking to maximise nutrition while getting adequate protein then eat as many veggies as you can fit in and keep the meat and cheese servings moderate.

I’m not however advocating for a vegetarian diet as the meat and the cheese will give you things like vitamin B12 that the spinach won’t by itself.


net carbs

insulin load carb insulin fat protein



25g 24% 56% 28% 14g

Once you’ve mastered maxing out your veggies, the next step is to try organ meats.  The best nutritional score came when I dropped out the steak and subbed in liver. You get a much better bang for your buck if you eat organ meats instead of the veggies and the normal muscle meat.

We’re still working up to that, but in theory it’s amazing!


net carbs

insulin load carb insulin fat protein



22g 29% 64% 24% 18g

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Marty Kendall