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Body fat, lean mass and waist circumference changes after six weeks using Nutrient Optimiser

Most people think they want to lose weight. But what they really want is to lose fat and build muscle.   While it’s nice to look good naked, keeping your body fat low and muscle mass high is central to managing diabetes and a plethora of metabolic diseases. While the first Nutrient Optimiser Challenge was […]

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Why we really get fat (response to the Stephan Guyenet Gary Taubes debate on Joe Rogan Experience)

If we really want to get to the root cause of an issue, we need to be inquisitive. We need to keep asking ‘why’. Only once we’ve adequately defined the problem and established the root cause can we design an effective solution. Inspired by the recent Joe Rogan debate between Taubes and Stephan Guyenet (which […]

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Blood glucose, ketone and insulin changes after six weeks with Nutrient Optimiser

The diabesity epidemic is a growing challenge, not just to our metabolic health and waistlines, but our global economy, threatening to bankrupt countries with growing health care costs.    To help manage this, the Nutrient Optimiser has been designed to empower users to actively manage their blood glucose with their food choices.   The Nutrient […]

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Weight loss after six weeks using Nutrient Optimiser

It was exciting to see how well people did in the Nutrient Optimiser Challenge which was held to celebrate the launch of Nutrient Optimiser.   The results of the challenge demonstrate the positive benefits of quantitatively optimising nutrient density and satiety and benefits of the Nutrient Optimiser to create sustainable improvements in diet quality, body […]

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How to optimise your protein, fat and carbohydrates to minimise hunger

In the How much protein do you need to optimise satiety article we looked at the critical role of protein in managing hunger. The analysis of half a million days of MyFitnessPal data showed that your body is satisfied with less energy when you give it adequate protein.  So, with protein locked in, this article looks at how fat, […]

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How Much Protein Do You Need To Reduce Hunger For Weight Loss?

There is a lot of discussion and confusion on the interwebs around protein. Will too much protein raise my blood sugars? Will protein ‘kick me out of ketosis’? Won’t too much protein it hurt my kidneys? Will protein raise mTOR and give me cancer? Isn’t protein is a poor energy source? But I don’t want … How much protein do you need to optimise satiety? 

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