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Why we really get fat (response to the Stephan Guyenet Gary Taubes debate on Joe Rogan Experience)

If we really want to get to the root cause of an issue, we need to be inquisitive. We need to keep asking ‘why’. Only once we’ve adequately defined the problem and established the root cause can we design an effective solution. Inspired by the recent Joe Rogan debate between Taubes and Stephan Guyenet (which […]

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Weight loss after six weeks using Nutrient Optimiser

It was exciting to see how well people did in the Nutrient Optimiser Challenge which was held to celebrate the launch of Nutrient Optimiser.   The results of the challenge demonstrate the positive benefits of quantitatively optimising nutrient density and satiety and benefits of the Nutrient Optimiser to create sustainable improvements in diet quality, body […]

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Nutrient Density 101

Lots of people talk about nutrient density, but few people really understand what it means or how to quantify it.   This article clarifies several common misconceptions around this important topic and details how you can identify the most nutritious foods tailored to your needs and goals. Outline What is nutrient density? Why is nutrient […]

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How to reverse type 2 diabetes

This article looks at the mechanisms of type 2 diabetes and gives you a road map to help you to maximise your chance of achieving optimal blood glucose control, fat loss and long-term metabolic health.

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How many times to eat a day to lose weight? [Data Analysis]

what’s the best eating routine to lose weight… eTRF, IF, OMAD, multiple small meals.

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Seasonal Eating Guide [Don’t Eat for Winter]

Modern processed food uses the same formula of seasonal eating that Mother Nature uses to provide hyper-palatable food in autumn to help us eat more, store fat, and prepare for winter. In our modern food environment “comfort foods” are designed to be delicious and allow us to consume more of them. We are instinctively drawn […]

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