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baked eggs with sardines

This recipe for baked eggs with sardines is from Pete Evans‘ cookbook Paleo Everyday. Pete has teamed up with Paleo guru Nora Gedgaudas and has become a bit of a love / hate sensation in Australia lately.   The had a great TV series The Paleo Way and have been touring Australia doing cooking demonstrations and […]

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greek lamb salad

I recently came across this Greek lamb salad recipe on the Diabetes Queensland Facebook page. The puzzling thing was that it included two slices of bread and low fat yogurt.  It seemed bizarre that this meal would be recommend for diabetics who are effectively intolerant to significant amounts of carbohydrate. The analysis below shows that this […]

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baked creamed spinach

This baked creamed spinach recipe is from Carrie Brown’s Maramalade and Mileposts blog. I sort of feel like I know Carrie after listening her host the SANE Shown with Johnathan Bailor. Even though I’ve analysed nearly 200 meals, anything with spinach in it seems to keep coming to the top. This one involves spinach, coconut […]

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