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Jimmy Moore’s keto eggs

During his yearlong n=1 ketosis experiment Jimmy Moore in 2012 didn’t give too much away about exactly what he was eating. What was he doing to keep his blood glucose consistently low and ketones high?  Could this help me lose some weight or perhaps my type 1 diabetic wife normalise her blood glucose levels Jimmy did […]

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asparagus, egg and sauerkraut

Here’s a breakfast that my wife Monica whipped up one Saturday morning recently. It’s got asparagus, egg, cheese and cream with some sauerkraut on the side.  Simple, quick and yummy. Just fry up the asparagus until softened and then add the eggs and cream. It tasted great and with a minimal effect on blood glucose […]

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Five Sisters Cafe halloumi, bacon and eggs

This is my favourite breakfast when do breakfast with my sister at the Five Sisters Cafe in West End, Brisbane. It does very well across the board with only 4g net carbs, a fabulous protein score and a great nutrient score owing to the spinach. So indulgent and delicious! net carbs insulin load carb insulin fat […]

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bacon, eggs, spinach and mushroom

These shots are from our camping breakfast over Easter.  It rained for most of it so it was good to have something warm and yummy in the mud and cold! You probably recognise the theme…  spinach, eggs plus some other stuff!  This time with mushrooms and some coconut oil for cooking and to increase the fat. Bacon […]

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egg, spinach, cheese and cream

My nine year old son was asking what he could have for breakfast that would be healthy. This is pretty much the simplest and healthiest recipe that I could design that a nine year old can put together unsupervised. I’m teaching him to just put some frozen spinach, eggs, cream and cheese into a microwave […]

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