Camilla Goes from Strength to Strength with the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass

After already dropping 65 kg over the past two years, Camilla didn’t think she had much hope of losing much more weight during the six weeks of the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass.  

She’d yo-yo dieted between 120 and 150 kg for her whole adult life.  She’s said she never knew what the “right” food choices were so she felt helpless.

But then Camilla found some extra motivation when she entered her first powerlifting competition.  

At the end of the six weeks, Camilla was pleasantly surprised that, by following the system set out in the masterclass, she’d had lost a further 7 kg.  

Not only did she make weight for her competition, but she set a new personal best for her deadlift! 

She also found her resting heart rate had decreased to very healthy levels.  


The chart below shows Camilla’s weight loss during the masterclass.  

While we encourage people to get at least 1.4 g/kg LBM of protein per day and increase from there if required to prevent loss of valuable lean body mass, Camilla burst out of the gate with a massive 220 g of protein per day in the first week (or 4.0 g/kg LBM) and her weight dropped like a rock off a cliff!  

Even after losing 65 kg (143 lbs) over the two years leading up to the masterclass, Camilla said she now felt like she understood how weight loss worked!  

Fat loss

Camilla also lost 4.3 kg of body fat, with most of it coming off in the first three weeks!  After failing to lose fat in previous attempts, she was pleasantly surprised with her results!

Micronutrient fingerprint 

But the secret sauce to the Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass is not simply macros or restricting calories.  It’s the focus on nutrient density and satiety that leads to a sustainable optimisation of body composition.  Increasing nutrient density enables us to get the nutrients we need with fewer calories.  It’s like your body decides that the food here is great, so it doesn’t need to prepare for an impending famine, it can let go of the excess weight. 

Camilla was able to really dial in her micronutrients and achieve the highest score of any of the participants.  The nutrient fingerprint chart below shows her Optimal Nutrient Intake Score of 95.3%.  

The Nutrient Optimiser guides participants to prioritise foods and meals that provide more of the nutrients that they are finding harder to obtain in their current diet.  

So, what did she eat?

Camilla was able to exercise her passion for eating fresh and wild foods and leverage her day job in the seafood industry.  She also gained some inspiration from the Fat Loss and Pescatarian recipe books in our series as well as the food lists provided by the Nutrient Optimiser to dial in her micronutrients.     

Here’s a sample of some of the meals that she used through the masterclass.  

Plenty of colour.  

Plenty of protein.  

Not too complex.  

Onwards and upwards! 

Even though Camilla has achieved her goal weight and does not want to be any lighter, she’s not ready to stop her journey towards optimal health.  

She now wants to switch to a lean bulking phase to continue to build strength.  Even after losing all that weight she’s still full of energy and enthusiasm and wants to be strong, not just skinny

Her goal until the next Nutritional Optimisation Masterclass is to gain some more strength and lean mass…  

… while slowly continuing to lose body fat.  She’s set her new targets and will continue to use what she learned in the masterclass to move towards them.

With her amazing attitude combined with the right tools and her new habits, we have no doubt that she will continue to set new personal bests in many areas!   

It was nice to see the response from Lauretta (who has had great success using Nutrient Optimiser for the past year) to Camilla’s success.

Congratulations Camilla!  We’re cheering for you!  

How Can I Calculate My Nutrient Intake?

If you’re interested in checking if you’re getting just enough dietary phosphorus, you can check your nutrient profile using our Free 7-Day Nutrient Clarity Challenge

After a week of tracking your current diet in CronometerNutrient Optimiser will give you a prioritised list of foods and NutriBooster recipes that will help you plug your current nutritional gaps.

Level Up Your Nutrient Density

To help you level up your nutrient density, we’ve prepared a Nutritional Optimisation Starter Pack to ensure you are getting plenty of all the essential nutrients from the food you eat every day.    

The free starter pack includes:

  • Maximum Nutrient Density Food List
  • Sample Maximum Nutrient Density Recipe Book
  • Sample Maximum Nutrient Density Meal Plan.

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