Bruce’s breakfast

This is a picture of a typical LCHF breakfast of a mate of mine who has managed to lose about 12kg over the past few months by eating this sort of fare for breakfast.

He says if he has this he’s full for the morning and is much less likely while driving to pull into a servo to buy junk. It takes a little bit longer than a bowl of cereal to prepare but it’s part of his meditative morning routine that he’s grown to enjoy.

A good range of nutrients and amino acids even though the protein is quite low.

It’s got 16% insulinogenic calories, which is pretty good.

If you wanted to reduce the insulin load further you could cut down on the tomato, but at the same time there are only 12g net carbs per 500 calorie serving, and the tomatoes do provide some good vitamin C and other things.   Tomatoes are also typically a good option for weight loss as they have a low calorie density.


net carbs

insulin load carb insulin fat protein fibre
12g 20g 57% 73% 13%


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Marty Kendall