Bob Farrell

Bob has been a mainstay of the Optimising Nutrition Community from the early days and is the jovial host of the Live Q&As for our Data-Driven Fasting Challenge

While now a retired granddad, Bob spent his manufacturing and operations management career in Canada, South Africa and the United States. 

Bob was the typical yo-yo dieter for many years – to the tune of 100 lbs!  His big ‘why’ was (and is) that he wants to live to see, share, and experience his great-grandchildren.  Since 2015, Bob has reduced his body fat from 45% to 20% today.  In 2017, he gained a Pn1 certification through Precision Nutrition, which was renewed in 2020. 

Bob has successfully implemented all Optimising Nutrition programs and is eternally eager to guide and help others follow in his footsteps. He’s always there to help cut through the noise to help our community of Optimisers get results with minimal fuss.