How quickly can you make progress with Data-Driven Fasting?

Sadly, most fasting protocols lead people to lose and regain the same weight over and over.  By contrast, we have seen people make incredible progress when they use Data-Driven Fasting Challenges to fine-tune their eating schedule to align with their unique metabolism, routine and goals.  Using your blood sugar as a guide to understand when […]

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What does Data-Driven fasting mean to you?

Data-Driven Fasting is a little bit different and sometimes hard to describe.   So we asked people who had just completed the Data-Driven Fasting 30 Day Challenge what DDF meant to them.   Here’s what they said. Do you want to optimise your eating schedule with Data-Driven Fasting?   If you’re interested, our next 30-day Challenge starts 17 […]

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How accurate is calorie tracking anyway?

Conventional wisdom says if you want to lose weight you just need to ‘maintain a calorie deficit’.  ‘It’s all about calories in vs calories out,’ they say.  It all sounds so seductively simple!  But the reality couldn’t be more complicated.  Energy is always conserved.  The Law of Conservation of Energy is never violated. Calorie always […]

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Oxidative Priority: THE SECRET to effective fat loss

Oxidative priority… it’s critical to understanding how fat loss works! In this article, you will learn how your body uses various fuels (with some cool diagrams and examples).  These “secrets” are central to our systems that have helped so many people optimise their diet and achieve their fat loss goals. This info will help you […]

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Cholesterol: When to worry and what to do about it

Cholesterol can be a confusing topic, especially for the low carb and keto community.

But for most people, it doesn’t need to be that complex. Your body does a pretty good job of using the fuels you give it.

If you eat more carbs, you will likely see lower cholesterol and higher blood sugars.
If you get more of your energy from fat, you might see lower blood glucose levels and higher cholesterol.

But if you fall outside the standard reference range, your doctor may encourage you to take a statin drug to lower your cholesterol. This leaves many people confused and concerned about the undesirable side effects of statins.

We are usually told that high cholesterol is bad and low is good. But, like most things in nature, optimal rarely occurs at the extremes. As shown in the chart below, either too little or too much cholesterol can be a problem.

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What affects your blood sugar and insulin (other than carbs)?

Does X, Y or Z raise my blood sugar?  This is a common question we get when people start with Data-Driven Fasting.  It’s also an important question for people (like my wife Monica) who are managing diabetes to empower them to make well-informed food choices that will keep their blood sugars stable. While carbohydrates have […]

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Optimal Nutrition for Cancer Management

Optimal nutrition is crucial for people managing cancer.   Thankfully, there has been some excellent research published recently from the likes of Professor David Sabatini on the role of specific nutrients in promoting or slowing cancer growth.   But sadly, no one was joining the dots to show what this would look like in terms of real […]

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Margaret pushes toward optimal with Data-Driven Fasting

Congratulations to Margaret, who achieved some remarkable results over just four weeks with Data-Driven Fasting.   While most people try fasting to reverse diabetes or lose fat, Margaret’s goal was to gain health and energy as well as achieve a weight goal of 57 kg (125 lbs).   As she chased her pre-meal trigger down from 4.6 […]

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Data-Driven Fasting Challenge: What did we learn?

It was a thrill to see people learn as they put the theory into practice in our first Data-Driven Fasting 30-day Challenge.   It’s fun to see the process through the eyes of people taking the journey, with all their “ah-ha” moments.   Many of the observations reinforced our previous analysis.  But there were also surprises.   Check […]

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Kathleen’s Fantastic Data-Driven Fasting Results

Congratulations to Kathleen, who saw some fantastic results in our Data-Driven Fasting 30-Day Challenge.  At 62, her initial goal was to get below 25% body fat (now she has her eyes set on 23%).    Over the first few days, Kathleen learned to take notice of her hunger and how her eating the previous day affected […]

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