Belinda Whittle

Belinda has a BSc in History and a BA in Business and Accounting.  However, she considers nutrition research and health via optimal nutrition her real job and one of her main passions in life.  

Belinda was always healthy and active until returning to university for her second degree.  However, stress took over, causing her nutrition to slip from optimal.  At age 29, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Here, her nutrition journey began with the motivation to live past the dismal five-year survival stats.

However, she experienced an inability to handle the emotions from the cancer diagnosis, which caused her to fall into a stint with Binge Eating Disorder and weight gain.  She healed her eating disorder independently through research, trial, and error, as professional help wasn’t available.  She also learned valuable skills in emotional regulation and thought reframing that apply to binge eating and diet mentality on overeating.

After more than ten years of caring for her parents, her mom died from Type-2 Diabetes complications.  Her dad died soon after from a stroke and long-term dementia.  After both her parents’ passing, Belinda was also diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes.  This was it for her; from here on out, she vowed her life would not end by slow decline like her parents.

Belinda realised she could control her blood glucose (BG) by eating a low-carb diet, but knew that wasn’t the root of the problem and was only symptom control.  Plus, she couldn’t seem to lose the excess weight.  

After 2.5 years of searching for the missing piece of early diabetes reversal, she saw one of Marty Kendall’s Low-Carb conference presentations on YouTube, and the rest was history!

After wanting to lose weight for over 20 years, Belinda lost 40 pounds in her first four months with Optimising Nutrition’s programs, totalling 77 pounds (35 kg) so far from her highest weight.  Additionally, she regained her energy, excitement for life, and hope for the future.

She has learned to implement each of Optimising Nutrition’s programs to the letter in her own life.  She is passionate about helping others succeed in their nutrition and health journey.  Belinda facilitates the Live Q&A sessions for the Macros Masterclass and Micros Masterclass.

She is constantly active in the community as well as helping to polish the materials and envision the future strategy for Optimising Nutrition.

Belinda loves working with anyone who wants to optimise their nutrition and health.  She provides a sympathetic ear and practical tools to problem-solve food and life situations for sustainable progress.  Belinda’s experience ‘in the trenches’ has made her a great accountability partner and empathetic listener who genuinely knows what it’s like.  

Having a depth of life and death experience in the power of health, food, emotions, and mindset, she understands what many are going through and will gently guide them towards their goals.