bacon, eggs, avocado and spinach

This is a pretty incredible combination of superfoods and a taste sensation in your mouth.

As you can see from the NutrientData plot below the nutrients are spectacular with every nutrient and mineral covered and the amino acid score is also very high.

Even though there are 13% carbs most of them (12g out of 17g total carbs) are fibre from the spinach and avocado.

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The table below shows the stats for a 500 calorie serving size.

net carbs

insulin load carb insulin fat protein


4g 18g 35% 83% 66%




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Marty Kendall

  • Jac says:

    Thanks, inspiration for my lunch today … I substituted the spinach with rocket from my garden 🙂

  • trainingt1d says:

    Thats my breakie most mornings! Its a great taste combo with the avo as well.

  • NY says:

    Looking at recipe ingredients, I do not understand where 26grams of protein has come from in Nutrition facts?

  • Newby says:

    Recipe works out at 68% fat, not 83%
    35g fat x 9 Cal = 314
    314 cal out of 462 cal is only 68%
    Is there a mistake in ingredients list or in the calculation?

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