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disclaimer and legal notice

Your use of the information in the report is subject to the limitation of liability and provided under the following conditions:

  1. You understand that Optimising Nutrition is not a medical or registered dietetic practitioner.  Hence the Nutrient Optimiser reports do not constitute medical advice.
  2. The Nutrient Optimiser algorithms rely on third-party information and systems (i.e. and the USDA Foods database). We are not responsible for any error, malfunction, or problem arising from those systems.
  3. Changes to your diet may require adjustment of medications (e.g. a decrease in insulin or metformin).  All medication adjustments must be made in consultation with your medical professional.
  4. While every effort is made to refine nutrient recommendations to suit your known allergies, unbeknownst to us, you may be allergic to new foods in the lists provided. You should pay attention to how you feel if consuming new foods and discontinue if you have adverse symptoms (e.g. GI distress or blood sugar excursions)
  5. The Nutrient Optimiser algorithm relies on recognised target nutrient intakes set by third parties (e.g. WHO and government bodies).  Your actual requirements may vary depending on your activity levels, medical conditions and intestinal absorption.  Any additional data or symptoms will be taken into account in the analysis to ensure that the recommendations are suited to your requirements.
  6. If you paid a reduced rate for this service on condition that we may publicise your results, you give us the right to do as we detailed to you upon application or in writing thereafter.
  7. All reports and content on this site remain copyright by Marty Kendall.  The Nutrient Optimiser algorithm and its reports are product & service prototypes under development.  Marty Kendall retains all intellectual property rights except as explicitly granted to you in writing.