Alexandra Bucko

Alex is currently completing her thesis for her Master’s in Nutrition and Human Sciences and pursuing her medical degree to become a medical doctor (MD).  Previously, she completed a bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering and Management and a nutrition certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA), giving her the title of a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP).  If you’re wondering, yes—she likes school!

Since late 2021, Alexandar has been working behind the scenes at Optimising Nutrition, editing, drafting and writing most of the articles you see.  Her engineering, medicine and nutrition background makes her an uncanny fit for the Optimising Nutrition team. 

She also has her own practice, where she sees clients with a specialty in chronic and complex illnesses, autoimmunity, Lyme disease, mould illness, Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD), chronic fatigue, histamine intolerance, multiple chemical and food sensitivities, elimination diets, limbic system imbalances, and gut health issues—all things she has personally dealt with and conquered!

After being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, and endocrine dysfunction at just twenty-two, Western medicine gave her no answers.  Instead, the standard treatments they gave her forced her to leave her corporate job.  She started her nutrition journey and education here, moving her way through almost every elimination diet.  From vegan for four years in college to GAPS, keto, and carnivore, Alex has studied and done them all.  However,  most of them failed to keep her full and satisfied or help her feel 100% better, but she could never figure out why. 

As her nutrition career progressed, she transitioned to writing about nutrition writing on the side… two of her greatest passions rolled into one!  And this was how she came across Marty, someone who could answer a lot of questions on why so many ‘healing’ (not just fad) diets wouldn’t work, what they were missing, and how she could take her health the extra few miles (and her clients’).  While she’s normally ‘behind the scenes’, Marty’s data analyses have been life-changing for Alex and the people she works with.

While nutrition is her career, it’s her passion, too.  She genuinely believes that nutrient density is critical for helping complex cases with unexplained intolerances and symptoms, and each person has their own needs to conquer them!  Alex will work alongside you to manage your symptoms and optimise your long-term health using a nurturing, educational, and motivational approach.