Aimee Gallo

Aimee Gallo has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in nutrition and has been practising as a nutritionist since 2004.  She specialises in metabolic syndrome, sports nutrition and functional medicine, having studied nutrition for over 30 years.

At age 12, her enthusiasm for nutrition began when she became an ethical vegetarian and felt the need to fight off family members’ concerns for her health.  Immersing herself in the vegetarian nutrition section of the library, she discovered the link between nutrition and disease prevention.  Her interests soon turned into a passion, and she made it her mission to show the world that suffering and disease could be prevented with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.

However, Aimee’s views on what she considers ‘proper nutrition’ have changed radically since then!  The more years she has studied, the more she has realised nutrition is still an emerging science.  Few are pushing

past the status quo to explore what it means to be truly ‘vital’, ‘vibrant’, and ‘well-nourished’. 

Finding Marty Kendall and Optimising Nutrition in 2020 was a magical moment; here, she discovered someone else had done what two degrees in nutrition had failed to do: recognise and synthesise what we know about nutrient density into a flexible action plan!

Implementing Optimising Nutrition’s practices has helped her elevate her health and nutrition practice.  In addition to her private practice, she has successfully incorporated Optimising Nutrition’s approach in an obesity medicine clinic to help patients reduce obesity and improve their blood sugar and lipid panels.   This has allowed her and those she works with to experience the health benefits of proper nutrition more quickly and profoundly by highlighting essential foods needed to fill in the nutrient gaps.

Once she determines ‘what to do’, she focuses on coaching clients to overcome logistical and mindset obstacles preventing them from reaching their goals. 

Aimee’s longevity in the field and diverse experience in metabolic syndrome, sports nutrition, digestive issues, weight loss, emotional eating, behaviour change, and positive psychology allow her to offer firm yet loving support and accountability to a diverse clientele in various stages of life.