Jane’s Phenomenal Results with Data Driven Fasting and Nutritional Optimisation

Congratulations to Jane, who topped the weight loss leaderboard in our January 2021, 30 Day Data-Driven Fasting Challenge with 17 lbs weight loss at a phenomenal rate of 2.5% per week!

61-year-old Jane had struggled with her weight off and on for years.  Before starting DDF, she had been on Weight Watchers for decades.  Everyone called her the low-fat queen.  

But even on Weight Watchers, Jane was always hungry.  This led her to explore alternative health interventions.  She tried Low Carb, Carnivore, and both intermittent and extended fasting.  

Jane said, “I followed the research in the medical community, being a healthcare provider. However, there is still imperfect information out there.  It takes the medical community so long to change theories/practices despite the data.  I was always active with regular, but I truly believe weight and health (most health conditions/disease) are 90% diet-related.” 

“The DDF challenge was simple, easy, and fun.”  Jane said, “I felt like the fat/weight was melting off.  Besides the data health improvements – which are HUGE and her main goal- she also notes improved hair and nail strength, sleep, and energy which helps her care for her two grandsons regularly.  

“I can’t thank Marty and Alex enough, and I recommend this experience for everyone!”

Over the 30 days of the January 2021 challenge, Jane also dropped 8% of her body fat.

As Jane delayed her meals, she slowly reduced her blood glucose.  As her glucose lowered, her body could access her body fat, and the weight fell off! 

She also lost four inches off her waist as she chased a lower premeal blood glucose by waiting a little longer! 

There were occasional times when Jane’sblood sugar was above her Personalised Trigger, but she ate anyway.  However, by waiting to eat when her blood sugar was below her trigger more often than not, her trigger continued to lower, and her excess bodyweight obediently followed.  

For the first couple of days of hunger training, she skipped breakfast.  But after a couple of days, she fell into a routine of eating breakfast and lunch most days and skipping dinner.  

The coolest part (I think) was that, on average, she ate 1.8 meals per day and was able to nourish her body.  

It’s simple (but it works)! Often simple is best.  

Jane said: 

Thank you so much, Marty. 

I really can’t thank you and Alex enough. 

Yes, I was amazed by these results. So thankful. 

I have been recommending DDF to everyone. I also am learning so much in the Masterclass. 

You are such a blessing for so many people. I have been following you for years, Marty.   Please don’t think I stalk you, but I sort of do…  

My story is quite similar to others I have read. I was low-fat (Weight Watchers) for decades, but I was ALWAYS HUNGRY.  

I tried keto, carnivore, and extended fasting.