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Optimising protein and insulin load

“Low carb”, “ketogenic” or “nutrient dense” mean different things to different people. Defining these terms numerically can help us to choose the right tool for the right application. Decreasing the insulin load of your diet can help normalise blood glucose levels and enable your pancreas to keep up. However, at the same time, a high […]

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Nutritious recipes for blood sugar and diabetes

While a low carb or keto diet will help to stabilise your blood sugars, there is a trade-off between foods with a lower insulin load, satiety and nutrient density.  These recipes prioritise a lower insulin load to stabilise blood glucose and insulin while still keeping an eye on nutrient density.    They are ideal for someone managing diabetes or anyone wanting to maintain their weight […]

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Recipes optimised for YOU

Finding a handful of meals that you love eating and align with your goal is critical to long term success.   There is no shortage of recipes out there, but which ones are best for YOU? We’ve done the hard work analysing the macronutrient and micronutrient profile of thousands of recipes to shortlist the ones that […]

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Welcome To MY SECRET Food Cheatsheet The exact food lists that empowered thousands of Nutrient Optimisers to gain control over their health without relying on fad diets.   Nutrition Approach most popular food lists maximum nutrient density Get it now for free weight loss (satiety & nutrient density) Get it now for free blood sugar […]

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Nutrient-dense keto recipes

The “ketogenic” diet is all the rage these days. But with the emphasis on dietary fat, people following a keto diet often miss out on the essential micronutrients they need to thrive.    Very high-fat diets tend to have less essential nutrients per calorie.  This can lead to increased cravings and conditions associated with nutrient deficiencies […]

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How much protein do you need on a ketogenic diet?

There is a lot of confusion about ‘excess protein’ and whether you can have too much protein on keto. Insulin and protein are used to build and repair your muscles, organs and the other important parts of your body.  This is an important and beneficial use of protein and insulin. Foods that contain the harder […]

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Blood sugar and fat loss recipes

Diabetes and obesity often go hand in hand.  Many people trying to manage their blood sugars would also like to lose a bit of extra weight.   This collection of nutrient-dense recipes has been created to help you gain control of your weight and blood sugars.  They are ideal for someone who has prediabetes or someone […]

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Nutrient-dense foods on a budget… optimised for YOUR goal

With both a viral pandemic and an international financial crisis unfolding, identifying nutrient-dense foods to support healthy immune function with limited funds is a hot topic.   While we received lots of interest and positive feedback on our recent article looking at cost-effective nutrient-dense foods, several people asked, “what about keto/low carb?”, “what about fat loss?”, […]

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Blood Sugar & Fat Loss Recipe Book

Let Us Show You How To Get Rid Of Nutrient DeficienciesWith Recipes That Taste Absolutely Amazing! And They Look Like This…​​​​​​99.9% of recipe books dot empower you to optimise food quality ​so you can manage food quantity and stabilise your blood sugars!Do you have time for a 20-ingredient recipe that takes two hours to prepare?   Do you […]

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