keto chocolate cake in a mug

This keto chocolate cake in a mug is another from Craig Clarke’s Rule.Me site.

This yummy looking dessert is certainly keto at only 4g net carbs due to the high amount of fibre in the coconut, almonds and cocoa.

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Unsweetened cocoa powder is a packed full of minerals and well worth trying to seek out when you have chocolate cravings.

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net carbs

insulin load carb insulin fat protein


4g 13g 34% 81% 9%


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Marty Kendall

  • Deborah Ricci-Michelsen says:

    Good morning Marty
    Just to make sure you know you put “cooked egg”
    In your ingredients for mug cake😁I am sure it was just for the nutritional value only.. So cooked or raw it is the same. But I was a little perplex! Great info all the same👍Thanks for all your posts

    Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 01:42:57 +0000

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