Monthly Archives: February 2016

Antonio C. Martinez II’s type 2 diabetes reversal

Can fasting improve blood glucose levels and reduce the need for diabetes medications?  Antonio Martinez was eager to find out, so he set out on his own n = 1 experiment.   Antonio is an Attorney at Law (Martindale Hubbard Distinguished Rating and in The Legal Network Top Lawyers in New York) and businessman who […]

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optimising blood sugars with RD Dikeman

It has been a transformational journey for RD Dikeman since his son Dave was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, both as a parent and for himself as he has implemented a regimen of what he likes to call “meal skipping” (a.k.a. intermittent fasting) guided by his own blood glucose levels. I came across Dave Dikeman, a […]

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how to use your blood sugar meter as a fuel gauge

Chronically elevated blood sugar levels can be a sign that you are eating too much and/or too often. You can use your blood sugar to help you refine your meal timing to optimise your weight and blood sugar levels. Delaying your next meal allows your body to use up the stored energy in your bloodstream, liver and […]

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slow-cooked “Heart on Fire” with creamed kale

This recipe for slow cooked “heart on fire” with creamed kale is from Mark Sisson’s blog (see recipe here). It has a nice range of nutrient dense meat (heart), spices and nutrient dense vegetables. Although heart is generally considered to be highly nutrient dense, I have been surprised at how hard it has been to […]

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