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fructose… victim or villain?

Fructose (a.k.a “fruit sugar”) is used to sweeten many modern processed foods due to its sweetness and low cost. On the plus side, fructose has a lower glycemic index value than glucose and does not require as much insulin to metabolise. On the downside, fructose is processed directly by the liver, does not trigger appetite […]

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zucchini and feta fritters

This recipe for zucchini and feta fritters is from All Day I Dream About Food. It’s a great gluten free low carb option and an good alternative if you want a change from different combinations of eggs, bacon or spinach. The spices (marjoram and oregano) and seeds (coconut and flax) provide solid levels of fibre as […]

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the most ketogenic foods

Ketosis occurs when the body’s glucose stores and insulin levels are low and the body increases its use of fat for fuel.  The insulin load of a food is related to its carbohydrate, protein and fibre content. Calculation of the percentage of insulinogenic calories enables us to prioritize of foods with a lower insulin demand which will lead […]

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kale with chorizo and eggs

This recipe comes from the Real Meal Revolution which contains a wide range of excellent low carb and nutrient dense meal options as you would expect from a recipe book with Tim Noakes at the helm). The new Raising Superheroes is a “real food” cookbook with a range of real food recipes to provide parents with scientifically supported advice […]

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