Monthly Archives: December 2015

hyperinsulinemia, food, infection and the monthly female cycle

A wide range of the major health issues that we face in the western world appear to be associated with high levels of insulin (hyperinsulinemia). More people have impaired insulin sensitivity but wouldn’t know it just from looking at their blood glucose levels. Insulin sensitivity is influenced by a wide range of factors including food, infections, fasting […]

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nutrient dense superfoods for maintenance

These foods will help you maximise nutrient density and sustain health with adequate energy for weight maintenance. “A nourishing, balanced diet that provides all the required nutrients in the right proportions is the key to minimising appetite and eliminating hunger at minimal caloric intake.” Paul Jaminet The downside of the most nutrient dense foods is that they […]

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broccoli, cheddar and bacon chowder

Creamy, delicious, and very filling.  This chowder recipie from Craig Clarke’s RuleMe will have anyone that loves bacon, cheese, and broccoli demanding more (see recipe here). Broccoli is an amazing go to food with very night vitamin and mineral sores, solid protein score and minimal net carbs with all that fibre. To complete the picture bacon […]

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