optimal meals for fat loss

Who Someone who wants to lose body fat and has good blood sugar control, i.e.:

  • HbA1c < 5.4mmol/L
  • fasting blood sugar < 5.0mmol/L (90mg/dL)
  • average blood sugar < 5.4mmol/L (100mg/dL)
  • post meal blood sugar < 6.7mmol/L (120mg/dL)

If you don’t yet have optimal blood sugar control start here.

  • This weighting is balanced to prioritise high fibre, low calorie density meals with excellent levels of vitamins, minerals, and protein with a lesser emphasis on insulin load than the other scenarios.
  • If you don’t have great blood sugar control then you should start here.

The highest ranking meals using these weightings are shown below. Click on the image to see more details.

Learn more about weight loss in this article.  See this article for details of the basis of the ranking of the meals.

See optimal foods for weight loss here.

Terry’s Wahls’ lamb skillet meal


baked creamed spinach

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curried egg with cows brains


steak, broccoli, spinach & halloumi


spinach, cheddar and scrambled eggs

20131111_105815 (1)

bacon, eggs, avocado and spinach


baked eggs with sardines


spicy fish tacos

White Fish Fillets being prepared for Cooking

beef heart chili

spinach, egg, cheese and cream


Dom’s breakfast of sardines, oysters, eggs and broccoli


slow cooked pork with veggies 


low carb breakfast stax

breakfastpizza (1)

greek salad

1974357_10152573339520544_731284228485224799_o (1)

egg, spinach, avo and tomato


Chris Froome’s rest day breakfast


breakfast tortilla

Bulletproof Coffee Vs. Breakfast

spinach, egg and avocado


Dr Rhonda Patrick’s Ultimate Micronutrient Smoothie vs Zero Carb Gregg


cheesy garlic bread with bacon, beans and tomato


chicken stir fry


chia seed pudding


garlic prawns with spinach

eggs benedict

slow-cooked heart on fire with kale


bacon wrapped salmon


salad and salmon lunch

1512064_10152569146355544_6420556248848115740_o (1)

The exact popular food lists that empowered thousands of Nutrient Optimisers to gain control over their health without relying on fad diets.  


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