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Bruce’s breakfast

This is a picture of a typical LCHF breakfast of a mate of mine who has managed to lose about 12kg over the past few months by eating this sort of fare for breakfast. He says if he has this he’s full for the morning and is much less likely while driving to pull into […]

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Fine tuning your diet to suit your goals – Darth Luiggi

It looks like Luis Villasenor is doing something right. Luis (aka Darth Luiggi who runs the Ketogains Facebook Group) has been on a ketogenic diet for more than 14 years! Here are a couple of video interviews where Luis explains his approach. He is also very active in coaching the more than 7000 Ketogains members […]

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bacon wrapped salmon

I found this particular bacon wrapped salmon recipe here (short demonstration video included).  It simply contains salmon, bacon shallots, olive oil, baby spinach with some salt, pepper and mustard! This recipe has a good amount of fibre with the spinach and has only 9g net carbs for a 500 calorie serving. The insulinogenic ratio is fairly […]

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the most nutrient dense foods for different goals

While a lot of attention is often given to macronutrient balance, quantifying the vitamin and mineral sufficiency of our diet is typically done by guesswork.  This article lists the foods that are highest in amino acids, vitamins, minerals or omega 3 refined to suit people with different goals (e.g. diabetes management, weight loss, therapeutic ketosis […]

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spinach, avocado and eggs

This simple breakfast idea was inspired by Tim Ferris’ slow carb breakfast with spinach and eggs with some avocado and hollandaise sauce thrown in for good measure.  Lots of fibre, only two grams of net carbs, truck loads of nutrition and a very gentle impact on blood sugars. net carbs insulin load carb insulin fat […]

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fine tuning your diet to suit your goals – Chris Kelly

I’m a big fan of Chris Kelly’s Nourish Balance Thrive podcast. [1] It’s sort of like listening to Jimmy Moore, Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield all rolled into one, but even nerdier and more intellectually challenging. I first heard the term “glucogenic protein” on one of Chris’s podcasts [2] and went searching  to learn more and the […]

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cheesy garlic bread

Moni made this yummy Cheesy Garlic Bread creation from Cut the Wheat.  Very very moorish!  The kids love this stuff! Like most of the faux bread creations in the low carb world it relies heavily on cheese and almond flour which, for me, goes down easy, but occasionally makes me feel a bloated if I […]

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