bacon, eggs, spinach and mushroom

These shots are from our camping breakfast over Easter.  It rained for most of it so it was good to have something warm and yummy in the mud and cold!

You probably recognise the theme…  spinach, eggs plus some other stuff!  This time with mushrooms and some coconut oil for cooking and to increase the fat.


Bacon is always great!  It makes everything taste better.


We threw in a little bit of tomato here for taste.


The nutritional analysis is shown below.  Pretty solid overall.

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Details for a 500 calorie meal are shown below.  Even with the tomato, spinach and mushrooms we are under the 12g carbs recommended by Bernstein for lunch and dinner.

net carbs

insulin load carb insulin fat protein


12g 35g 36% 64% 24%


For people that are particularly carbohydrate sensitive I’ve re-run the analysis without the tomato.

A little bit of tomato doesn’t make much difference.  A larger amount of tomato will provide extra vitamin C, E and K but reduce the protein score and increase the carbohydrates content.

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Without the tomato the net carbs comes down from 12 to 10 grams.

net carbs

insulin load carb insulin fat protein


10g 32g 31% 66% 25%


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Marty Kendall

  • carmel says:

    Does it get cold in Qld? As a veg I’d swap the bacon for Haloumi, but great camping food!

    • We actually went camping in northern New South Wales which is a bit more south and a little colder. It was a pretty bleak weekend for camping. But at least we ate well!

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