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optimising micronutrients and macronutrients for different goals

This article looks at the macro and micronutrient split for the most nutrient dense foods using a multi criteria analysis tailored for different goals (i.e. diabetes, therapeutic ketosis, weight loss and athletic performance). High protein foods are typically much more nutrient dense than high carbohydrate foods. The optimal protein intake for athletes, people who are metabolically […]

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chia seed pudding

Our good friend Tash Kimlin made these chia puddings when she came around for lunch and they have become a regular low carb staple for us. The good thing about chia seeds for people with diabetes is that the carbs in them are 80% fibre, so the insulin requirement drops right down. Chia seeds are also […]

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fine tuning your diet to suit your goals – Wendy

There is no single dietary template that works for everyone. Different individuals have particular needs and goals, and nutrition should be adjusted accordingly. It can be useful to compare how your diet stacks up against other dietary approaches to identify where you might further refine and improve your diet. The insulin load of your diet […]

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Five Sisters Cafe halloumi, bacon and eggs

This is my favourite breakfast when do breakfast with my sister at the Five Sisters Cafe in West End, Brisbane. It does very well across the board with only 4g net carbs, a fabulous protein score and a great nutrient score owing to the spinach. So indulgent and delicious! net carbs insulin load carb insulin fat […]

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balancing diet and diabetes medications

High blood glucose levels (glucose toxicity) and high insulin levels (hyperinsulinemia) are both bad news for your health. The highest priority in the treatment of diabetes should be to reduce foods that require large amounts of insulin. Over reliance on medications can lead to ‘learned helplessness’, meaning that people do not use a dietary intervention […]

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coffee with cream and stevia

The reality is, coffee is a ‘food group’ for many people, including me. I think this is fine in the context of a balanced life that contains adequate rest and sleep and not too much stress.  Chris Kresser recently did a great podcast on the case for and against coffee that you can check out […]

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bacon, eggs, spinach and mushroom

These shots are from our camping breakfast over Easter.  It rained for most of it so it was good to have something warm and yummy in the mud and cold! You probably recognise the theme…  spinach, eggs plus some other stuff!  This time with mushrooms and some coconut oil for cooking and to increase the fat. Bacon […]

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standing on the shoulders of giants

People who have type 1 diabetes and excellent blood glucose control are statistically rare. These ‘overachievers’ typically have been influenced by the work of Dr Richard Bernstein. People successful in their management of type 1 diabetes control the amount of carbohydrate in their diet to prevent “the blood sugar roller coaster”. As well as calculating […]

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