can you eat too much fat on a low carb diet?

Even though Wilder’s formula allows 10% for fat being anti-ketogenic, the insulin index data does not indicate that there is any effect on insulin from fat.  The best correlation with the food insulin index was achieved with zero times fat.  This aligns with what we see in type 1 diabetics who can eat fat without raising their blood sugars or requiring insulin.

Eating a low carb, high fibre, moderate protein diet will typically naturally lead to increased satiety and reduced calorie intake.  Reducing insulin will allow stored body fat to be used for fuel.

However if someone was trying to lose weight I would not recommend emphasising dietary fat once they were fat adapted in order to allow energy to be supplied from body fat.

Some people aiming for ketosis to lose weight can overdo the fat calories and not achieve the weight loss.  If your aim is weight loss it’s better to be in calorie deficit and be burning stored body fat, than to have high blood ketones produced by MCT oil and butter.

While counting calories may be beneficial for some people to retrain their appetite initially, a better long term approach may be to try some form of intermittent fasting to reset insulin sensitivity and reduce overall calorie intake.

If your body fat and blood sugars are under control then go ahead and indulge in supplemental MCT oil or some extra butter in your coffee for the mental buzz, but keep in mind that, while ketosis will lead to increased satiety for most people, calories matter in the long run.


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