Terry Wahls’ lamb skillet meal

I’ve been intrigued for a long time by Terry Wahls’ approach to intentionally maximising nutrition.

By following a highly nutrient-dense ketogenic diet Dr Terry Wahls has made great progress reversing her Multiple Sclerosis and is undertaking experiments to verify that this high nutrient density approach works for others with Multiple Sclerosis.

Her Mind your Mitochondria TED talk has hit more than three million views!

The aim of the Wahls Paleo Plus, as detailed in The Whals’ Protocol, is to achieve nutritional ketosis, while maximising nutrients as far as possible with non-starchy vegetables as well as coconut oil, coconut cream and MCT oil which help facilitate nutritional ketosis with a higher level of carbohydrates.

Whals’ approach aims to not just meet but exceed the recommended nutrient intake levels as shown in the comparison of both the Wahls Diet and the recommended US dietary daily intake for a range of key vitamins below.


While supplements can play a role, it is ideal to obtain all your nutrients from real food as they are usually better absorbed in their natural form and with fats (fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K) than in tablets and isolation.  Eating real food also ensures you get a wide range of nutrients that can be found in plants in nature rather than just the limited number of vitamins and minerals on the recommended daily allowance checklist.

This lamb skillet recipe is the highest ranking from her book.  


One 450 calorie serving of this recipe provides 34 g of protein, 28 g of fat and 11 g of net carbs.


The Cronometer screengrab below shows the nutrients provided by 2000 calories of this recipe relative to the Optimal Nutrient Intakes.  


Broccoli 150g
Garlic, Fresh3cloves
Lamb roast 100g
Seaweed 10g
Spinach 100g
Coconut Oil1tbsp
Cider Vinegar2tbsp


Click the links to see the highest-ranking recipes for each goal.

nutrient density88%
lean bulking/bodybuilder89%
fat loss85%
blood sugar & fat loss87%
blood sugar/diabetes 75%
ketogenic 71%

The exact popular food lists that empowered thousands of Nutrient Optimisers to gain control over their health without relying on fad diets.  


Nutrition Approach most popular food lists
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