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spinach, onion and goat cheese omelette

This featured meal is the spinach, onion and goat cheese omelette from Craig Clarke of Ruled.Me. Spinach is always amazing from a nutritional density and insulin load perspective. Goat cheese is also one of the lowest cheeses on the insulinogenic scale. Together with some eggs, it has all the makings of a fantastic nutritious low carb meal with […]

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proportion of insulinogenic calories

Someone looking to “go low carb” will typically try to make a decision on whether a food meets their goals simply based on the number of carbohydrates per serving or per 100g shown on the label. This approach has limited benefit though, as the food may or may not contain a lot of water which […]

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steak, broccoli, spinach & halloumi

One of our go to meals is steak on the BBQ with halloumi cheese with veggies. We have a solid serving of steamed broccoli and beans with some butter on top to make sure all those good fat soluble vitamins get digested – and the butter tastes amazing. Being the inquisitive type I wondered whether […]

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can you eat too much fat on a ketogenic diet?

Eating a low carb, high fibre, moderate protein diet will often naturally lead to elimination of processed high carb foods, increased satiety and reduced energy intake.  Reducing insulin will then allow stored body fat to be used for fuel. However if someone was trying to lose weight I would not recommend emphasising dietary fat once […]

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low carb breakfast stax

I’ve run the nutritional analysis for nearly two hundred meals and starting to notice a cluster of meals at the top of the list that consist of spinach + egg + something else yummy. This indulgent one is the low carb breakfast stax from the ketogenic recipe site Ruled.Me. As shown below, this combination provides a […]

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Terry Wahls’ lamb skillet meal

I’ve been intrigued with Terry Wahls’ approach to intentionally maximising nutrition. By following a highly nutrient dense ketogenic diet Dr Terry Wahls claims to have reversed her Multiple Sclerosis and is undertaking experiments to verify that this high nutrient density approach works for others with Multiple Sclerosis. Her Mind your Mitochondria TED talk has hit more […]

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glycemic load versus insulin load

The glycemic index (GI) compares the rise in blood sugar for a particular food relative to glucose.  The theory goes that it is better to eat low glycemic index carbohydrates that will not raise our blood sugar too much and will take longer to digest. Building on the glycemic index is the concept of glycemic load which […]

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