Jason Fung in South Africa

Jimmy Moore and Andreas Einfeldt (Diet Doctor) have both called Dr Jason Fung as the star of the recent low carb conference in Cape Town.  He’s been a real inspiration and encouragement to me too.

Check out there summary of his talk in Cape Town here.

I also highly recommend checking out his series of YouTube videos and his blog Intensive Dietary Management.

Excess insulin is not your friend!  Even if you’re using insulin and medications to manage your blood sugar the long term health prognosis is not great if you’re still pounding the processing carbohydrates that keep the insulin levels high.

2 thoughts on “Jason Fung in South Africa”

  1. I am currently experimenting with some extended fasting after watching Dr. Fung’s videos and reading his blogs.

    I follow a VLCD, but still am exhibiting signs of IR. I am so happy that Dr. Einfeldt (after listening to my situation) suggested that I look into doing something more extreme and recommended that I research Dr. Fung.

    Sometimes it takes more than low carbs to fix IR.

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    1. Definitely. Low carb or low calorie reduces insulin load and works for a lot of people but for others it takes a more aggressive approach to reset insulin sensitivity.

      It seemed to be the IF that kick started my blood sugars coming down and then weight loss and higher ketones ensued.

      I think tracking blood sugars (and ketones occasionally are a good way to check if you’re on track or need to resort to a more aggressive approach.


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